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A trusted logistics leader in Afghanistan, excelling in the delivery of complete, world class logistics solutions.  

How we deliver

Scale to Any Size

Our experience and ability to scale across any size project locally and international differentiate us from the rest. With a network of 5 branches in Afghanistan, and 4 international branches Max Group International has become one of the most trusted full-service logistic and supply chain management groups in the region.

Strategic Partnerships

Max Group Services International is a  dynamic contractor with the Department of State, UNGM, MTN, and the Afghan Government. Our performance and partnership with diverse multinational companies are a testament to this.

Experts in Logistics

  Established in 2007, MaxGroup International is a 100% Afghan owned and operated with both domestic and international standard best practices in corporate governances and financial accounting. Registered with the Government of Afghanistan, SAM, FAO, UNGM, and Afghanistan Support Agency (AISA).  

full-service logistic and supply chain management

Previous projects

Pacific Architects & Engineers

Letter of recommendation highlighting our successful and timely delivery around customs and expanding their operations.   

PAE-RMSS Afghanistan

Prime Contract No. SAQMMA15C02016 Subcontract No. P1-0015674 Relocation/Transportation, Labour, and Crane services for PAE-JSSP, DA, NIU, SIU, JCSP, CSSP, BASE, Draya Village, UNAMA Compound-B, Falcon, Camp Gibson, CNJC, Ramirez, Thomas Jefferson, North Gate and INL.  

PAE-JSSP Third Party Cash Disbursement in Afghanistan

PAE-JSSP & CSSP Third Party Cash Disbursement in 34 Provinces of Afghanistan Kabul with 33 Provinces Coverage.  

MTN Afghanistan

MTNA & MAX GROUP International Customs Clearance and Freight Forwarding Services Agreement. All Customs Clearance, Freights Forwarding and Transportation Services coverage in 34 Provinces of Afghanistan.   


Kabul Headquarters

House 384, Street 15, Lane 5, 

Wazir Mohammad Akbar Khan Kabul, Afghanistan  


0093 (0) 70 020 4080

0093 (0) 78 318 8894

0093 (0) 77 724 4344





Global Offices

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US Office  

2341 Ventura Blvd., Suite 219 Woodland Hills CA 91364 

818-297-8792 | david@maxgroupintl.com 

INDIA Office 

Hauz Rani Malviya Nagar New Delhi 110017 

0091 9971357068 | singh@maxgroupintl.com 


Kazakhstan, Astana City, Mangilik El Avenue 55 Pavilion B2.2  

+777 61255403 | asem@maxgroupintl.com 

DUBAI Office 

Deirh Salahddin R/D. Saif bin 

Rahman Building 6th Floor PO Box 42225 

0097 1561045085 | safi@maxgroupintl.com